How to chat with Facebook


If you are a social media specialist or just interested in Facebook/Instagram promotion, you’ve definitely faced a problem that can be  solved only by Facebook Support.
Write e-mail to Facebook support is not realistic because the answer can last for weeks or even more․
Call is also complicated and depends on financial costs. 




Of course, communicate in the easiest and most comfortable way- LIVE CHAT!
How to chat with Facebook support ? Simple. Follow the steps; 


  1. Visit Facebook Business website.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Get started” button in the section “Find answers or contact support”

  1. Choose the category related to your problem:

  1. Then click on “Chat with a representative” button.

  1. And in the end fill all the required fields and click on “Start Chat” button.

In a very short time, any specialist will respond to your Facebook Support account and you will have the opportunity to get answers on your questions through live conversation.

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