Ready to create gorgeous design with the new color of the year?

Yes, it’s official. Pantone was announced the color of 2019: PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral.

What we can say about it? It’s an energetic combination of orange and pink with a golden undertone that enlivens with a softer edge.

Inspired by the vigor of the underwater life Living Coral will be the vibrant showstopper in all design areas: graphic, package, interior, fashion, and more.

Living Coral will add more optimism, more brightness and more emotions to your designs.

We can endlessly express philosophical thought about this color but there are more interesting and important things.

Pantone provided us not only the code values of the beautiful warm color for CMYK, RGB, and HTML.

But also gave us 5 absolutely gorgeous and lively color palettes featuring Living Coral as the star of the palette:

We know for sure, this year will be the year of awesome design creations and we wish you an unlimited inspiration to be the part of this crazy world.

So let’s start to experiment with the Living Coral.

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